EY Digital Nations: Switzerland (2017)

EY Digital Nations: Switzerland (2017) is a research study conducted by EY Sweeney, EY's in-house research specialists. It is a comprehensive programme that focuses on digital engagement, attitudes, and behaviours in Switzerland. 2017 is the inaugural year of the study, providing benchmarks on consumers' digital experience, contextualised with insights from Digital Strategists from leading Swiss organisations. Drawing on robust primary quantitative and qualitative research in Switzerland, the programme provides a deep understanding of the digital consumer landscape and provides comparison across the countries.

The research unlocks the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of digital engagement. It is a key reference source for informing and optimising digital strategy, with an international perspective. This international perspective will broaden further as the programme expands to cover more countries.

The key insights are accessible via our interactive reporting portal, by clicking on ‘Explore the findings’ below. You can explore the data by looking at Switzerland as a whole, or by filtering into sub-categories (age, gender, region, etc.).

If you are interested in receiving the final report with detailed findings, please register your interest by clicking on ‘EY Digital Nations reports’ below.