EY Digital Nations: Switzerland (2017)

About the research

EY Digital Nations: Switzerland 2017 Portal

The EY Digital Nations programme captures a comprehensive snapshot of consumer behaviour and attitudes in the digital economies and in the digital channel of a number of countries across the globe.

EY Digital State of the Nation, or Digital Nations, first launched in 2014 in Australia. In 2016, the programme expanded to include three APAC countries: Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand; and the first European country, Switzerland.

This portal focuses on the Digital Nations: Switzerland (2017) findings. Comparisons with other countries will be available in the near future, when countries are added to the programme. In the meantime, the links at the top of this website provides access to the reporting portals for Australia and APAC results.

You have access to explore the research findings via this interactive reporting portal. To explore the data, simply click through the tabs above, or select a topic to start with below.

Digital devices Includes:
  • Device usage
  • Device activities
  • Device internet usage
  • Roles of smartphones/tablets
  • Digital payments
Attitudes to digital Includes:
  • Digital attitudes
  • Impact of mobile digital devices on life aspects
Digital experiences Includes:
  • Digital experience needs
  • Cybersecurity
Entertainment consumption Includes:
  • Music, TV shows and movies
  • Attitude to unauthorised content
Social network and media Includes:
  • Social media usage
  • Social media movers and shakers
  • Reasons for using social media
The digital future Includes:
  • Digital economy standing
EY Digital Nations Switzerland study was conducted as follows:
  • An online survey with 2,000 respondents

  • 11 in-depth interviews