EY Digital Nations: Switzerland (2017)

Summary of findings

Digital Switzerland: the Swiss are online – where are you?

Digital Consumer

  • Swiss consumers are digitally savvy - they are always online. 90% of the Swiss population use smartphones and spend on average 8 hours 48 minutes on their devices every day.
  • The Swiss are demanding users and have high expectations from digital channels.
  • Privacy protection is non-negotiable, but consumers don’t trust that their data is secure.

Digital Business

  • Businesses have to accelerate to better tap into the digital savviness of Swiss customers and focus on improving customer experiences.

Digital Government

  • Government can play an important role in building the Swiss digital brand (digital trustworthiness).
  • Cybersecurity needs to be at the centre of such a brand and could be at the core of Switzerland's digital proposition.

Location factors - Switzerland

  • Stable, secure, competitive, innovative, trustworthy, demanding and digitally advanced.
  • Top 5 market in Europe in terms of digital readiness, with high propensity to benefit from local and global in the Digital Age.